December 9, an event was held dedicated to the professional holiday of accountants and auditors of Uzbekistan. The meeting was organized by the Chamber of Auditors of Uzbekistan, the National Association of Accountants and Auditors, the Federation of Accountants, auditors and consultants of Uzbekistan.

The day of accountants and auditors aims to promote the development of the audit market, the transition to international financial reporting standards, as well as stimulate the training of qualified personnel in the industry.

This holiday traditionally pays tribute to accountants and auditors who have worked hard for many years in this area, as well as contributing to the improvement of national financial reporting standards.

The event summed up the results of the contest "The Best Auditor of 2018", which is held annually in accordance with the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan PP-1438 dated November 26, 2010. Also, the results of the competitions "The best internal auditor of 2018" and "The best accountant of 2018" were summed up. At the award ceremony, the best auditors of the year were awarded diplomas and gifts from the organizers and sponsors of the event.